Love the Arts with Joel Gibbs

Love The Arts, hosted by Joel Gibbs, shines a spotlight on artists, actors, athletes, musicians, performers, writers, producers and directors as they share their memories of the artistic passions that have inspired and influenced them… fun, lively conversation that captures the excitement we all feel for the music, movies, television and fine arts that have impacted our lives. Joel Gibbs is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and, previously, hosted America’s only nationally-syndicated call-in movietalk show. He’s also written and produced decades of radio and TV commercials and has been the voice talent in thousands of spots featuring over 100 celebrity impressions along with an endless variety of cartoon and character voices in his repertoire.
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Jan 14, 2018

You don't need an "assist" to figure out how much this week's guest loves Philly...and the city loves her right back! There's no doubt Lauren Hart is a true Philadelphian. Her love of music & the arts blossomed at an early age through the encouragement of her family, which included legendary Flyers broadcaster Gene Hart. This passion, paired with a life spent around the rink, formed a path that led her to become hockey's number one ranked anthemist, and allowed her to showcase her talent not just to Philadelphia, but the world. So sit back, relax and enjoy this week's episode of 'Love the Arts with Joel Gibbs'!

Jan 1, 2018

Don't "walk on by" this episode of 'Love the Arts with Joel Gibbs', or you'll miss this week's guest, music legend and Marian Anderson Award-Recipient Dionne Warwick! From her early days in the music industry to her rise to the top of it, Dionne Warwick's legacy is unquestioned. She's done it all. Here, she offers Joel a little insight into how it all happened. So sit back, relax and enjoy this week's show!